Urinal Screens

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Big D "The Pearl" 3D Urinal Screens

THE PEARL 3D URINAL SCREEN is 200% stronger than a traditional vinyl urinal screen and offers 40% more fragrance and surface area. It is VOC compliant in all 50 states. It incorporates a 2-sided anti-splash texture, preventing splash back and cross contamination of urine to other areas outside the restroom. It is extremely flexible for a proper fit to any urinal contour. The translucent design allows total viewing of the drain to ensure it remains free flowing as it collects debris before the drain is clogged. THE PEARL is also safe for use in waterless urinals.
From $16.01

Big D Dyna-Screen Non Para

Air Soluble will last 75-90 Days! Deodorizing ability superior to para

Big D Extra Duty Urinal Screen with 4oz Para Block - 12 Pack

Screen protects urinal from debris while the block provides total deodorization. Flushes will not affect the life of the block. Cherry fragrance. Sold per case of 12 screens.
$21.88 $25.05

Big D Extra Duty Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block - Fresh Mint Scent

The cleaner/deodorizer block contains no acids or paradichlorobenzene and is completely biodegradable. 1500 flushes. Sold each.
$1.81 $1.52

Big D Magnum Urinal Screen with Non-Para Enzyme Block

Magnum screen with block is intended for high-use areas. Screen design elevates the block to reduce contact with water. The larger block allows for discharge of more cleaners and deodorants with every flush. Evergreen fragrance with enzymes. Good for 2,500 flushes.
$2.46 $2.31

Big D Non-Para Deodorant Blocks

Non-para deodorant blocks - completely water soluble and will not clog drains.
$15.46 $10.70

Big D Non-Para Extra Duty Urinal Screens - Cherry

Cleans and deodorizes with every flush while protecting drain from debris. The cleaner/deodorizer block contains no acids or paradichlorobenzene and is completely biodegradable. 1,500 flushes.
$26.88 $18.29

Big D Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger w/Para Block - Cherry

This rim hanger fits all toilets & can be used over the edge of trash cans to eliminate bad odors. Made of 100% pure paradichlorobenzene & Big D deodorants. Individually wrapped. Package contains 12 blocks.
$10.01 $11.80

Big D Urinal Screens

Impregnated with long-lasting deodorant, screens are flexible to fit any urinal contour. Prevents drains clogging while deodorizing 30-45 days.
From $12.38