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3M Scotchgard™ Carpet Cleaner, 1019-D

Great for high traffic area or full room carpet cleaning needs.
$8.14 $6.16

Bissell 2X Concentrated Pet Stain & Odor Advanced Formula (24 oz) - 99K5

Designed to loosen and remove the stains and soils that your pet leaves behind. Since it contains odor control technology, the formula will remove odors and help prevent your pet from going back and soiling the same area again.
$15.18 $12.49

Bissell 2X Deep Clean & Protect Formula (60 oz) - 62E52

Washes carpet fibers to give carpet a deep-down clean.
$22.88 $17.79

Bissell Carpet Shampoo - Allergen Removal Formula

Allergen Removal Formula helps clean and remove dust mite waste allergen, pet and pollen allergens. This formula deep cleans & resists stains, Safe For Use In All Deep Cleaning Machines/Extractors.
From $15.72

Certified Certi-Foam for Dry Foam Machines & Rotary Scrubbers

An essentially neutral, high sudsing shampoo concentrate with extra solvent action. Formulated for dry foam machines, but is also an excellent shampoo for rotary scrubbers at higher dilutions.
From $13.09

Certified Rug-It ”L” Carpet Shampoo

A high sudsing, all-purpose shampoo that gently cleans and emulsifies soils, leaving the carpet soft and lustrous. Carpet Shampoo Rug-It ā€Lā€ is safe for all synthetic and wool carpets, and is ideal for oriental carpets.
From $11.27

Certified Tex-All ”B” Upholstery Shampoo

Provides a mild, controlled solvent action for faster soil removal on extra dirty carpet or upholstery. Loosens stubborn soil quickly. Dries quickly and restores color brightness.
$19.37 $12.66

Certified Wool-Cotton Shampoo (Liqua-Acid)

Specifically formulated for shampooing and/or bonnet cleaning white or pastel colored carpet. Wool-Cotton minimizes the risk of browning or yellowing on light colored carpet often caused by highly alkaline extraction cleaners. Extremely effective for cleaning Haitian cotton upholstery fabric.
$17.02 $16.76

Elky Pro Rug Shampoo & Soil Extractor

Revitalizes dirty carpets and upholstery. Stains and heavy soil are removed with ease which will leave fabrics with a new freshness. The extra dry foam minimizes wetting, thereby shortening drying time.
From $2.52